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Chris Millar

Chris Millar

Minister to College

Chris joined the staff in 2013 as the Associate Minister of Small Groups and transitioned to Associate Minister to College in 2015. Chris was promoted in 2018 from the associate level to Minister of College. Previously, he pastored at Mesquite Hill Baptist Church in Madisonville and is currently pursuing a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. He and his wife Ashley serve alongside together. They have a son, Caleb, and are epecting a new baby girl this year.

In his current role, Chris spends most of his time with students on campus at Sam Houston State University. Whether he is meeting with college small group leaders or new students, Chris spends as much time as possible cultivating students to make Jesus known. If you stop by his office, you're likely to find Chris preparing to preach at Tuesday night's Truth Worship and Bible Study, a service for college students held on our campus each week.

Birthday: October 1

Book Recommendation: Humility by Andrew Murray

Hobbies and Interests: Biking and the occasional triathlon

Favorite Quote: “Everyone dies. Not everyone truly lives." (William Wallace in Braveheart)

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