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Gathering together each Sunday isn't just a formality, a time of entertainment, or something we do together simply because our parents did. And meeting once a week is not what makes us Christians. We come together each weekend for so much more than that. We gather to celebrate, not just check boxes.


We worship together because Jesus is alive. Our Savior conquered the grave, and we have lots to celebrate for that reason alone. Sunday lets us do that in a way our hearts need to experience each and every week.

We gather to practice the gospel. On Sundays, the preaching of the Word helps us see our sin and our need for a Savior. We can feel regret in our hearts over the ways we've lived in disobedience and know the joy of being forgiven.

We learn to love one another as we worship together. There's a significant portion of worship that is corporate—not individual. We need to gather together regularly to look one another in the eye, be reminded we're in this together, and encourage one another with truth.

If you aren't regularly committed to a time of corporate worship each and every week as a priority in your life, we challenge you to commit to one. Our two service times are listed below. You'll be surprised at what you find as you actively engage in a dedicated time of celebration with the people of God.


8:00am    -   Adult Small Groups
9:30am    -   Traditional Worship and Small Groups for All Ages
10:45am  -   Contemporary Worship, Noah's Park (K)*, First Look (Birth-K)

If you've never joined us on a Sunday, you probably have lots of questions about what to expect. We've put together some information that might be helpful to you about what to expect.

*Noah's Park (K) meets every week excepting the last Sunday of each month. 

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