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Paul told the believers at Corinth that they were all members of one body that belongs to Christ. He did not leave open the option for rogue Christians to try to go it alone. In fact, he suggests that one believer who attempts to remove himself from the larger body of the church would do harm not only to himself but to everyone around him. (1 Corinthians 12)

In short, we need one another. We need the encouragement and accountability that comes from knowing one another. And, we need every single one of us working side-by-side in local churches to make Jesus known effectively.

At University Heights, we invite you to join our church as a member. This will most-often begin with a brief membership interview with one of our staff members. We'll spend time talking about the distinctives of our church and the expectations we will have for you as a member. To get started, let us know you're interested below.



At University Heights, we are convinced there are a few marks of a healthy church member. We call these the One-Three-One, and they're absolutely necessary for you to be growing well in your faith.

First, we encourage all church members take seriously their relationship with God more seriously than anything else. You can communicate with God by spending time reading your Bible and praying. By doing these two things, you will start to hear from him, and your faith will grow. If you need help getting started or would like new ways to approach your time with God, check out our suggested resources.

Second, you need to take seriously your relationship with fellow church members. This includes three things: regular worship of God together with others, being an active part of a small group, and finding a place to serve inside the church. You can find information about worship times, small groups, and serving your church right here on our site.

Lastly, we want you invest time in your relationships with the world and serve those who don't know Jesus. A heart and mind that loves God will naturally love others and want them to hear the gospel while having their needs met. You can find a whole list of ways to serve on our site.


Baptism is often the first step in membership--specifically for new Christians. It represents our death to sin and life to Christ. Baptism is a visible symbol of God's saving work deep inside a person's soul and is only intended for those who have placed their faith in Jesus. You should be baptized if you have repented of your sins, made Christ the Lord of your life, and can affirm the basics of Christian belief.

We'd love the chance to meet with you and talk about taking this next step in your faith.

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