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15:5 | Who is Far From Christ?

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We’ve spent the last two weeks praying for, evaluating, and listing out our intersections and the people we cross paths with on a regular basis. As you listed out the places where your life intersects with the lives of those around you, you may have noticed some patterns. We hope God has already been moving your heart to notice these patterns and lead you toward people who desperately need His love.

Step three in this process: begin to pinpoint people in your intersections who have yet to surrender their lives to Jesus. From your list last week, write out only the names of those who are far from God. Keep this list and pray over these names. Ask the Lord to make five of those names stand out as the five you will intentionally engage in 2019.

How hard was it to make this list? Maybe a pattern you noticed is that you’re constantly and only surrounded by believers. Did you take time to ask God for a new intersection? If you haven’t asked God for a new intersection, or if your list of new people is still fewer than five, it may be time for a change.

Perhaps it’s time to really step out in boldness and ask God to do a mighty, maybe even scary, move in your life. Are you willing to consider a new neighborhood in an effort to meet people who are far from God? Could you commit to a monthly gym membership? What about sacrificing your time to find a new place serve in our community? We ask that you pray through this with the Lord. Take time to ask Him where and who you should be reaching.

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