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15:5 | Who is in Your Intersections?

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This November, we committed to following God as He carries out the vision He's given us for the future. It’s a future that takes who we are instinctively, and transforms our habits from instinct into intention. Intentional adopting. Intentional developing. Intentional sending. It's a future that includes intentional multiplication and church planting.

We believe that our first step in making disciples that make disciples that make disciples is the 15:5. That is, spending 15 minutes alone with the Lord every day and intentionally praying for, serving, and having conversations that matter with 5 people for a whole year.

Last week we provided you with a simple guide to help you begin listing out the places your life intersects with others. 

This week, we want to begin listing out all the people in those intersections. Pull out a piece of paper and list names of everyone you have the opportunity to engage with. List believers and non-believers alike. Even jotting down “guy on treadmill” will work if you don’t know names yet.

As you’re listing, ask God to give you opportunities for conversations, prayer, and service. Also begin to ask that He is preparing your heart, and your 5, for how He is going to move this year. If you would like one of our ministers to walk you through this process, pray with and for you, or answer further questions, please email us at  and we will connect you with someone. It will be an exciting year as we seek to share the Gospel with those in our community!

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